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Kartazion is fundamentally the symbol of a theory of everything in the explanation of the functioning of our universe as well as that of the atom. Indeed the physical theoretical unification between the macroscopic and the microscopic is thus established. All the efforts made by the scientific community on this unification of the two physics remain the number one issue; Namely that of relativistic physics to that of quantum physics. Kartazion is considered to be a canonically sound theory because of its basis in explaining the anharmonic oscillator that is the universal tool by default for all possible levels of study.

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💲 Cryptoasset 💲

In a second step and to support the quantum physics project, Kartazion also became a crypto-currency. Indeed the theoretical evidence being a mathematical value goes in the goal and in the long term, to become an active currency by the scientific verification of this associated theory. We know that Einstein, who was a brilliant scientist, took 10 years to establish his theory as we know it. The Bitcoin took 10 years to become substantial. All this to indicate that Kartazion is at its beging.

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🎵 Music 🎵

In order to make Kartazion's theory of quantum physics better known, a composition of a 'radio edit' type musical title will soon be put online entirely produced by Kartazion.

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